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As photographers we know first hand how important it is to catch the perfect smile, the crooked bow, or the soft tendril of hair in a treasured family photo. We understand that parents want the most amazing pictures of their little ones to hang on their walls. As moms we also understand that our children’s photo session might just be that one time that we lose our minds! We have to find the perfect outfit, time the naps just right, and make sure we have their favorite stuffed animal on stand by. Believe us when we say that we have the same problems as everyone else when it comes to photos and our kids.

Take the photos below for example…It only took a small army, many packs of candy, the promise of ice cream (and maybe even cash), and the occasional funky chicken dance to get these shots. And, all that was after making them cry when we crammed, I mean gently placed, them into their Easter outfits and sent them outside into the cool afternoon (jackets would totally mess up the spring look!).

When we photograph our clients children and we say that we understand….we do! We have been right there too. We have pleaded and begged for the perfect smile. ┬áIn the end, the hardwork, sweat, and stress is worth every moment when we realize we got the most amazing photos!


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